Chic & Organized: 2024 Planners That Will Instantly Elevate Your Life!

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 Ready to be more organized with your time this coming year? These 2024 Planners are just IT! 📌

Now that the long winter holiday season is officially over, it’s time to define our goals and intentions for the 2024 new year (or at least attempt to). And in what better way to do that in a cute yet effective planner?

Here are some AMAZING 2024 planners that will just make organization a breeze, while still looking cute on your desk!

Each pick is based on the overall quality and inside pages to better help your new year goals and better productivity,

1. Day Designer – Weekly & Daily Planner

My overall top favorite pick just has to be this detailed spiral daily planner hands down!

As an organized freak that I proudly am, this just fits every areas of my work/life perfectly! I needed something that fit my day to day schedule while leaving some room to future plan!

This is my top choice for a perfect bend of a work & personal daily planner. Plus the new yearly covers just are so GORG! – Obviously cheetah was my top pick!

2. Rifle Paper & Co

My very first “adult-ing” planner, I say this because this is where I invested in my planner to find better quality and personalization! Such fun, floral covers with simple daily layouts, and so many colorful stickers that just make planning so fun!

 3. Emily Ley Simplified Planners

I’ve heard such awesome reviews on the daily/weekly simplified spiral planners BUT their Dapperdesk vegan leather planner is such a showstopper in person!

The perfect on the go planner, if you need something a bit more durable to throw in your work/daily bag but still keeping the minimalistic and chic look!

4. Blue Sky Planners

Interested planners but not really into the price? Girly I totally understand! These BlueSky planners are much more cost efficient and provide a great variety of different styles that fit your every need. Plus the super detailed layouts offer variety that fits with your daily life.

Keeping in mind that each of us planners are distinct in our own ways, and our planning styles are as equally unique!


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