Jet-Setting Puppy: Simple Tips for Flying with Your New Puppy

Jet-Setting Puppy: Simple Tips for Flying with Your New Puppy

Now officially entering my Dog-Mom Era! 🐶 💖

I am so excited my pup OB is finally home! Bringing him home from California to Boston on a 6-hour flight was for sure an adventure!

If you are learning how to best fly with your puppy, here are 5 tips that will make your travels just a little more easier!

Image of my puppy OB in his carrier while at the airport

1. Book Your Flight With A Pet-Friendly Airline.

This should definitely be the first thing to check on your priority list! Making sure your designated airline ACTUALLY allows you to bring your furry friend with you – that is in the cabin, is super crucial because there are certain airlines that won’t allow pets at all.

But no worries here is a list of pet-friendly airlines,

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Pet-Policy Of Your Airline.

Most airlines only can have a certain number pets on their plane so making sure there is room for your pup is crucial.

Each pet-friendly airline may require an additional fee to be able to bring your pup in the cabin with you.

~ For example on Jet Blue, the pet fee is $125 each way and only SMALL pets are allowed to travel in the main cabin. Plus they must be in an FAA-approved pet carrier that fits comfortably under the seat in front of you.

3. Getting Your Approved Travel Carrier in Advance

When speaking of a FAA- approved carrier, this one did just the job! (Plus there are tons of other alternatives available, just Google “FAA- approved carriers”.)

Additionally I would also recommend getting your pup familiar with the carrier. Since your pup cannot come out of their carrier for the flight (unless a service/emotional support animal), make sure your pup has enough room to roam and feel at ease for a smooth flight!

If you are adopting your pup from a family, I suggest sending your desired carrier to them to have your pup feel a little more comfortable in the carrier rather than the first time at the airport

4. Make Sure You Carry Food/Water Supplies & Treats Of Course!

This may seem like a no-brainer but completely worth mentioning because imagine YOU on a 6 hour flight with no food or water! Plus giving your pup a few treats throughout the flight could be helpful incentive for being well-behaved or maybe if you’re like me – just for being CUTE? #dogmomoftheyear

5. Utilizing Dry Puppy Pads or Find the Pet Relief Areas

Whether your prefer a dry pad in your carrier or need a designated relief area, it is important to make sure your pet is “relieved” before their flight.

A dry pad is perfect for inside of the carrier, if you are okay with your pet pee-ing/poop-ing inside the carrier. Just PLEASE remember to replace them every once in a while during the flight.

Or if you are not into that, all airports should have pet relief areas. Asking an airport employee before a flight for one, could save you a stinky accident on the plane!

Pinterest infographic about chic and organized 2024 planners that will instantly elevate your life

If you use any of these tips traveling with your pup or have any additional questions, please leave them in the comments!

Safe Travels! 🐶

Chic & Organized: 2024 Planners That Will Instantly Elevate Your Life!

Chic & Organized: 2024 Planners That Will Instantly Elevate Your Life!

Ready to be more organized with your time this coming year? 📌

Now that the long winter holiday season is officially over, it’s time to define our goals and intentions for the 2024 new year. What better way to do that in a chic, aesthetically pleasing planner?

Here are the top planners for 2024 that will just make organization a breeze, while still looking cute on your desk. Each pick is based on the overall quality and actual helpful features to better your productivity and closer achieving your goals!

Pinterest infographic about chic and organized 2024 planners that will instantly elevate your life

1. Day Designer – Weekly & Daily Planner

My overall top favorite pick just has to be this spiral daily planner hands down! As an organized freak that I proudly am, this just fits every areas of my work/life perfectly! This is my top choice for a perfect bend of a work & personal daily planner. Plus the new yearly covers just are so GORG! – Obviously cheetah was my top pick!

2. Rifle Paper & Co

My very first “adult-ing” planner, I say this because this is where I found quality and personalization! Such a fun and floral daily layout, with so many colorful stickers that just make planning so fun!

3. Emily Ley Simplified Planners

I’ve heard such awesome reviews on the daily/weekly simplified spiral planners BUT their Dapperdesk vegan leather planner is such a showstopper! The perfect on the go planner, if you need something a bit more durable to throw in your work/daily bag but still minimalistic and chic!

4. Blue Sky Planners

Interested planners but not really into the price? Girly I totally understand! These BlueSky planners are much more cost efficient and provide a great variety of different styles that fit your every need.

Keeping in mind that each of us planners are distinct in our own ways, our planning styles are as equally unique. Check out one or all these planners – I’m sure you will find the perfect fit for your lifestyle!


Snow-Kissed Glow: My Spotlight Ride-or-Die Beauty/Skin Products For 20-Somethings!

Snow-Kissed Glow: My Spotlight Ride-or-Die Beauty/Skin Products For 20-Somethings!

I FINALLY healed my dry winter skin! Growing up in Boston, our winters are what you can sum up as brutal and BRICK. I think after my fourth time of reapplying the same makeup to cover up my patchy skin, I realized … hmm maybe I should just start from the way from the beginning?

After months of trials and skin rashes, these were my “golden ticket” products that worked wonderful for my dry/combination skin and hope they can help you too!

Here’s what saved my skin: 




+ Rinse face with water ONLY– I learned if you wash your face with any type of face wash it removes moisture which then results in irritated skin.

+ Moisturizer – Cerave daily moisturizer – After your rinse, this non-scented cream, keeps the moisture in before your morning routine.

+ Eye Cream – Youth the People Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate – TBH I was not a firm believer eye creams really worked – until my under eyes couldn’t hold a drop of concealer

+ Tinted SPF – Super Goop Glow Screen In trying to get better in the habit of applying SPF daily, I fell in love with the glowy finish of this sunscreen

+ Daily makeup routine. As much as I love my skin. My concealer and blush is here to stay honey.


+ Face wash – Cerave gentle foaming cleanser Such a gentle cleanser for easily irritated skin

Makeup wipe –  Kirkland brand – as a proud COSTCO member, these wipes get the job done. Potential dupe for the Neutrogena ones?

Micellar WaterThe makeup wipe is for the first layer, and this micellar water helps clean any excess makeup stuck in your pores

+ Rich Moisturizer Embryolisse cream – If there is anything on this list that feel so thick and luxurious on your dry skin – its this! An oldie but suuuuuch a goodie.



+ Vaseline – Cerave healing ointment – for those extra dry nights, I like to ‘slug’ my face in this ointment before bed. In the morning you will wake up with your refreshed skin!

Quick Tropical Vacation Packing List for On-the-Go Adventures

Quick Tropical Vacation Packing List for On-the-Go Adventures

As a whatever-llennial who lives and breathes travel, I've always struggled with "trying" not to forget things I need on a vacation!

So for any last-minute travel plans, my Notes checklist then became the cool graphic below.

No, this is not only for tropical vacations, this could be for any of your next trips!


This all started with a checklist from a few beach vacations here and there over the years. – I even duplicated this list for a tent-camping trip, can you imagine that

Whether off to a tropical island or a road trip adventure, here’s your ultimate tropical vacation packing list with all the items you need for a stress-free journey!