Snow-Kissed Glow: My Ultimate Skincare Favorites to Overcome Dry Skin!

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I FINALLY healed my dry winter skin! Growing up in Boston, our winters are what you can sum up as brutal and BRICK. I think after my fourth time of reapplying the same makeup to cover up my patchy skin, I realized … hmm maybe I should just start from the way from the beginning?

After months of trials and skin rashes, these were my “golden ticket” products that worked wonderful for my dry/combination skin and hope they can help you too!

Here’s what saved my skin: 



+ Rinse face with water ONLY– I learned if you wash your face with any type of face wash it removes moisture which then results in irritated skin.

+ Moisturizer – Cerave daily moisturizer – After your rinse, this non-scented cream, keeps the moisture in before your morning routine.

+ Eye Cream – Youth the People Peptides + C Energy Eye Concentrate – TBH I was not a firm believer eye creams really worked – until my under eyes couldn’t hold a drop of concealer

+ Tinted SPF – Super Goop Glow Screen In trying to get better in the habit of applying SPF daily, I fell in love with the glowy finish of this sunscreen

+ Daily makeup routine. As much as I love my skin. My concealer and blush is here to stay honey.


+ Face wash – Cerave gentle foaming cleanser Such a gentle cleanser for easily irritated skin

Makeup wipe –  Kirkland brand – as a proud COSTCO member, these wipes get the job done. Potential dupe for the Neutrogena ones?

Micellar WaterThe makeup wipe is for the first layer, and this micellar water helps clean any excess makeup stuck in your pores

+ Rich Moisturizer Embryolisse cream – If there is anything on this list that feel so thick and luxurious on your dry skin – its this! An oldie but suuuuuch a goodie.



+ Vaseline – Cerave healing ointment – for those extra dry nights, I like to ‘slug’ my face in this ointment before bed. In the morning you will wake up with your refreshed skin!

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